Incessant. Regurgitated desire. Copyright packaging .
Luminous debris. Mercilessly scurrying.
Fertile oblivion. Succulence.

Bastion .:. Fertile Oblivion .:. 24 videos of an arcane hidden universe. Phrases looped on an interval that is out of synch with video loading. Serialist universe…. Running time: approx: 20 seconds to 4 minutes dependent of course on yr capacity for wonder, yr empathy with grime, and yr spare time.

bastion - screenshot — the homesteading

click on image to VIEW Bastion

Navigation note: There is no interactivity. My advice: Take time off as a viewer from that problematic arduous stance of interactivity. Recede into passivity; initiate an active reverie. As always, use right-mouse button to go ‘FULL screen’.

Dissect it : SOURCE CODE + videos + sound (55 mgb) or just the Flash 9 SOURCE CODE ( Code note: Not much has changed. Crufty and soft. Lots of loose ends. Utterly extraneous but functional.)



And as usual the soundtrack was recorded live during the filming and then distorted through Ableton’s Resonator fxs…which is a bit like being a part of Monolake (Robert Henke)’s brain: these patches generate beauty from nothingness. I send a node of utter reverence and grace to him.


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