A streaming video kaleidoscope study. Flash 8 fullscreen capacity.

With a set of 39 esoteric poetic couplets that automatically play over top.

No interactivity. That was intentional: interactivity is a mixed blessing: it evokes the cratch and sniff reflexes of the audience, it puts passivity into remission, therefore it’s sometimes better to opt out of interactivity. Besides most artists are control freaks, dominatrixes. Creation often overlaps with control. So in this work (since the content is so ambiguous abstract and non-linear) it seems better that no physical activity is needed, just a pristine inertness, a form of glandular slump that will allow viewer to ingest the esoterica with a clear conscience.

video kaleidoscope study

See it :DEMO is here

Dissect it :SOURCE CODE is here

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