This piece attempts to reconstruct volumetric transitions from rational to passionate states of being using hue and saturation controlled by code. That is to say, I look inside myself and see incessant change. This is truly just a sketch. I intend to reshoot the background image as a series, monochrome, from head height. Two figures: a male and female alone/together, always immobile, as if dead on a trolley in a freight elevator.

The elevator is just in front of our door. Within 50m of the bathroom, so it is (by slick perhaps trick logic) a permissible shooting location. I have begun to understand elevators and stairs as pipes and conduits in the plumbing of the city. Thus the entire city is a bathroom and fits within the rules of this art constraint game.

Here’s a synopsis of what I was thinking when I made it: The damage or death of what is closest to us is what terrifies many people. Everyone wants to feel safe. It’ a shock to see what is us, beloved family or lover, delivered as an object, inert and dead. War does this. Domestic violence, accidents, and illness. Life itself, relentless and assiduous, pursues us all to the grave. I’ve been reading Susan Sontag’s ‘Regarding the Pain of Others’, a remarkable litany and analysis of our complex relation to images of pain: “Who believes today that war can be abolished? No one, not even pacifists. We hope only (so far in vain) to stop genocide and to bring to justice those who commit gross violations of the laws of war (for there are laws of war, to which combatants should be held), and to be able to stop specific wars by imposing negotiated alternatives to armed conflict.”


Wound Inktake

click on image to VIEW inkTake

Navigation note: In an era of seemingly-infinite techno-choices and gui-empowerment, death is still omnipotent, thus I opt for the interface with no buttons, no change, no effect that the viewer can have. Impotence echo interface… But as always, one civil liberty remains: use right-mouse (or CTRL+right-mouse on Mac) button to go ‘FULL screen’.

Dissect it : SOURCE CODE + videos + sound (19 mb) or just the Flash 9 SOURCE CODE ( Code note: There is more cruft in this code than there is bureaucracy in juntas. The cruft hovers over the same old functions, many obsolete, commented, abandoned, decompiled. This file is basically a simple video mask, and a very simple colorTransform on the background that uses Tweener. There is also the life function: abandoned, unused, still called. Visit all the monuments. Cluck dissipation. )



Soundtrack is two tracks from my wonky (but lovely) ambient Music for Bathtubs which oscillate over each in loops. The music is designed to act as modular units capable of overlapping or knitting together to form musical community.



Merci à Hélène Bruderlein (pour l’incre idée) et Sophie (for her patience).


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