My girlfriend is on crutches. We spent the day at the hospital. While she was undergoing tests, I was perched in a plastic chair with my laptop. It is from such contingent circumstances that artistic advances sometimes emerge. Opportunities constructed from suffering hop out of hiding.

This piece continues to explore the emotional impact of a still-image color-transform.. That is to say, by shifting the saturation and hue of circumstantial perception, cognition arrives at diverse interpretations of the same data.

Be aware, synthetic crumbs float beneath the surface of every ability. Beauty lingers beneath every skin.


click on image to VIEW crutch (Running time: approx. 4 minutes)

Navigation note: As usual there is nothing interactive here. Yet activity is sacrosanct; even in the paralyzed coma there is a great careening of metabolic processes. Thus, enjoy this respite from apparent activity to concentrate upon the teeming hordes of thoughts which accompany all perception. And as always, for full viewing pleasure: use right-mouse (or CTRL+right-mouse on Mac) button to go ‘FULL screen

Dissect it : SOURCE CODE + videos + sound (15.72 mb) or just the Flash 9 SOURCE CODE ( Code note: Clean as hospitals are, they are still massive conduits for viruses and extraneous biological activity. There is no danger of cleanliness in this code, thus by a feint of false logic, I can claim it is quite safe; there is absolutely no chance of catching a cold from downloading this code. )



Soundtrack is two more tracks (breath wren rosenator and new ooze) from my wonky (but lovely) ambient Music for Bathtubs which oscillate over each in loops. The music designed to act as modular units overlaps serially in shifting waves.


Merci à Sophie encore, for her grace under stress and willingness to let her affliction take this peculiar form.


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