Well I have finally followed the counsel of two of my wisest guides: one, an acrobat of the intellect; the other, an athlete of intuition. Both told me to slow it down. Thank you Chris and Sophie. I changed the twitch ration of the text change from 5000 to 7000 milliseconds: the text changes slower now. A slider is probly on its way. Parameter easing. Watched both versions first: found the quicker change just at the limit of the human cognitive range: ocular saccades from video to text almost tiring, like being forced to fast trot over sand-dunes. The 7 second reading gap for approx. 3-12 syllables, the goldilock’s appropriate data flow for this particular poem.

Trances emerge at this rate for me.

The triplet codon no.gap.here. form that persists thru the poem is a flexible quasi-constraint, An itch of a game of a toy. Inspired by seeing Nick Montfort and Nt2 read REAM/RAME at the launch of bleuOrange while I was partially asleep.

The video is from a rivulet in a ditch at the botanical gardens of Rio. The arm’s are yours. This is a normative future book model. Contemplative.between.algorithmic.



click on image to VIEW dustFlow (Running time: approx. 4 minutes)

Navigation note:As always, for full viewing pleasure: use right-mouse (or CTRL+right-mouse on Mac) button to go ‘FULL screen’. The ‘AutoPlay Text” (its on when page loads) feature can be turned on and off: when it’s on, the text changes by itself . Something always changes when you click. Next step will be to integrate a sagging mesh of behavior invisible behind the interface. Have the page respond when it is poked. Pattern read tempo and proximity of user. Think about it, easy. Do it, difficult.

Dissect it : SOURCE CODE + videos + sound (wee bit large: 90.3 mb it’s uploading as i write this…) or just the Flash MX SOURCE CODE ( Code note: Nothing new here. Just a hand-tweaked double mask over the code-flipped bitmaped video.)



Soundtrack is over-filterd guitar harmonics 3-trak sweltering genr-shifting voyage from abstract electro-funk, scrawny doodles, melting utopias and other warped virtualities with a heavy dose of art-rock history. Nothing amazing here: i am still learning, often out of control. And its in those out-of-control moments that the technology occasionally teases the audio into an organic living entity, perspiring and griefing and purring all by itself. This happens around minute 5 of 300 seconds into the trak. Worth waiting for. Must install some usability features. To do audio:scrubbing.


Merci to the rat-poison queen pour son bras.



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