My original assessment of this piece was negative: “Clouds and bruises is once again a tangent, a weak echo, a repetition, a variation. Skip it unless you are a fanatic for completeness.” But times change. I’ve been reading about Robber Irwin who found that “I’d raise that line by the thickness of a sheet of paper, and from across the room this seven foot by seven foot field was no longer the same.” (p.72). My process is still remarkably more slack than that. But I did implement a few changes (most of the changes were recommended by Sophie whose bruises from the rat-poison injections are developing nicely on her stomach); replaced the original music; and implemented an auto-play switch between single-double and kaleidoscope mode that is triggered on a timer. And I kinda like its rhythm now.

By making time opaque and quantified, casual parallel chaotic rhizomes of experience fertilize infertility.

from one moment to the next>everything seems fine>(w)hole complete

clouds and bruises

click on image to VIEW cloudsAndBruises (Running time: approx. 2-3 minutes)

Navigation note:As always, for full viewing pleasure: use right-mouse (or CTRL+right-mouse on Mac) button to go ‘FULL screen’. The ‘AutoPlay Text” (its on when page loads) feature can be turned on and off: when it’s on, the text changes by itself .

Dissect it (i haven’t uploaded the newest version yet but…): SOURCE CODE + videos + sound (23.3 mb .) or just the Flash MX SOURCE CODE ( Code note: Nothing new here. Just a hand-tweaked double mask over the code-flipped bitmaped video.)



Soundtrack is conversations recorded over last couple days converted and transposed through an assiduous accretion of fxs.


Merci to the rat-poison queen pour les bleues.



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