A couple weeks I shaved, or to be more precise, I trimmed. Using my somewhat glitchy electric trimmer which occasionally yanks my whiskers, I leaned over a laundry sink full of water, bleary eyed and indulgent, surrounded by a trio of photo lights, filming with one hand underwater as the flecked rejects from my body slapped onto the glistening viscid water surface. Eventually, I dropped a toilet roll in and hacked away at it with scissors. All this done with the somewhat nebulous aim of rejuvenating the synthesis of poetry and image.

Things are things.Discontinuous continuities pervade.

soul toilet

click on image to VIEW soulToilet (Running time: approx. 2-3 minutes)

Navigation note: The text will follow mouse exactly yet never leave frame. When mouse is over video its hidden. Click-anywhere to goto next phrase. Dead simple. As always, for full viewing pleasure: use right-mouse (or CTRL+right-mouse on Mac) button to go ‘FULL screen’ .

Dissect it (nothing much new here): SOURCE CODE + videos + sound (24.9 mb .) or just the Flash MX SOURCE CODE ( Coft commentary: Psychologically each of us learns to live with our selves: evolution’s residue, so too this grows cozy perched on a heap of obsolescence.)



Soundtrack is the result of a synesthetic episode with Ableton’s Operator where I actually got very concerned with how the note clusters looked. It’s a doodle rendered into sound.


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