The days have passed swiftly. The sketches migrate out of the bathroom. More meditative, maybe boring; whatever, it’s spring-time. The writing is always done in an array form now. And its leading toward a truncation of meaning, a condensation of intent; morpheme bubble clusters isolated almost alienated, communicating yet intent on their private purpose.

(no)des. corrugated cerebral insidious clots. instantiated instincts.


click on image to VIEW today (Running time: approx. 2 minutes)

Navigation note: None. Click-anywhere to goto next phrase. As always, for full viewing pleasure: use right-mouse (or CTRL+right-mouse on Mac) button to go ‘FULL screen’ .

Dissect it (nothing new here): SOURCE CODE + videos + sound (40 mb .) or just the Flash MX SOURCE CODE ( Cruft commentary: Nothing has changed. Old code accumulates like dust.)



Soundtrack water from a walk in the cemetery. Thanks again to Jericho and Pasc for again letting me use their keyboard.


Location: The set was an aquarium at TML. The bubbles are under the water surface.

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