About :

I am David ‘jhave’ Johnston.

I am making a film about god shot on location in my bathroom.

This site chronicles the various screen tests made during production. It is a list of online digital-poetic experiments with source code posted (as often as i get time) that will document the evolution of discrete programming and aesthetic techniques and diverse tangents as they arise in my art practice. The pieces here are not finished works, but modules, sketches, works in progress that contain seeds of technical capacities that will be used in other work. Most are coded in Flash and utilize seeds garnered from sources online.

Adrift in a seething mass of evolving media, this site intends to operate as one wistful thread among many attempts to chart the realm of an incipient mode of computational literature.

To understand the theoretical precursors to this form of mindless play, video art, media installation, and other performativity excursions: please visit the Salter Seminar

My home site is Glia.ca

I am an artist, digital poet, net-art curator at Year01.com, doctoral student in the Topological Media Lab and computer programmer who lives a marginal yet fulfilling life.

Feel free to contact me.


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