Equipment and Process :

I bleach before every mission.

No video project in our era is made without the assistance of computers and digital devices. This page is a homage to the tools.

I shoot all the video on an Pentax Optio W30 (a small pocket-size camera) in my bathroom toilet, bathtub or laundry sink. The secret to achieving high video quality on a pocket camera is saturating the scene in light. Real photographic lights cost significant money and last for a limited time, so I use fluorescent ‘twister’ lightbulbs from the local hardware store that are rated as the equivalent of 150watts. They are supposed to last for 6 years and cost half the price of the photo bulb that lasts for 20 hours.

Footage is imported into Sorensen Squeeze and exported in swf format 640×480 15fps 1200 kb/s or at 30fps 1600 kb/s with no sound. There are no flvs involved: I export directly to swf format with the embed option off and loop forever on.

A php script running on a server on my laptop creates the list of video files which is read by a custom Flash module.

Sounds (when they arrive) are recorded through an Edirol r-09. Or constructed inside Ableton Live.

The laptop on which all this depends is acer-8c1e498ef8. Its name is unfortunate. I can remember when serial numbers did not include the brand name of the manufacturer, when computers were free to independently forget their origins. I have no nickname for this computer. He/she is simply the worker: rendering and storing a multitude of instantly accessible bits which far exceed my capacity.

… a typical day on set …

a typical day toilet set



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