DP-DB : Digital Poetry for Drunken Boat


Borsuk & Durbin & Hatcher

A tablet computer inserted into a book illuminates hand-made poetry; while a writing constraint creates a creature called Abra: Amaranth Borsuk, Kate Durbin and Ian Hatcher.



Canty & Hynninen

Historical incursions through artificial intelligence awaken light in the mind of a minimalist interactive alpha-numeric installation. An opera for binary flesh machines.

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and by islands i mean paragraphs

J.R. Carpenter

Poignancy given ironic generative torque in a map of an enigmatic event. Get lost in its tides as islands are rewritten by code.


Prehistoric Digital Poetry

Christopher Funkhouser

If you are interested in the origins and history of digital poetry, buy this book! It is exactly as its subtitle says: "An Archaeology of Forms 1959-1995"


PNS: SNP (Voiced TJing)

Zuzana Husárova

A spoken-word performance of Slovakian poems, appropriated from graffiti, triggered from a Launchpad. See also Zuzana's interactive Kinect poems in collaboration with Ľubomír Panák.



Heldén & Jonson

Evolution is an online artwork designed to emulate the texts and music of poet and artist Johannes Heldén



Daniel Howe

A browser extension that replaces webpage ads with poems. This project is like a persistent augmentation; once installed, you'll be aperiodically reading it forever.



Jason Lewis

Poems for Excitable Mobile Media: custom written poems for touchscreens, designed to be tactile and interrogative.


fragments poétiques

Louise Marois

Rural glitch thru serenely disturbing video-poems. En français.


Sea and Spar Between

Montfort & Strickland

Emily Dickinson & Moby-Dick conjoined by code to create an infinite ocean of poems. Voyage with the flick of a keyboard.



Smith, Luers & Dean

A collage of words (by Hazel Smith), image and code (by Will Luers) and sound (by Roger Dean) that investigates the fractured psychological state of victims of human trafficking.


Suicide in an Airplane (1919)

Brian Kim Stefans

Shivering explosive alphabets connive to splinter prosody into vibratory plunder.


TOC: A New-Media Novel

Steve Tomasula

A new-media poetic novel that meditates on perturbations in time. Published as an interactive DVD for PCs, newly released as an App for iPad.


mémoire involuntaire no. 1

Braxton Soderman

A classic. Daniel Howe says of it: "one of the best pieces of e-lit full-stop. It's also the only browser-based JavaScript piece in existence that uses WordNet." A memory that searches to redefine then refind itself.


Spin State

Michael Coppola

From author description:"An interactive, recombinant prose-poem that I originally composed on hundreds of notecards scattered across the floor of my apartment, then later implemented (far more compactly) via the RiTa grammar tools "



CHEN Qianxun

A CityU Creative media student-work. Author notes: "With each click, the program can generate a new Shan Shui poem and a corresponding Shan Shui painting. 
The poem belongs to Wujue, a poetic form consisting of four lines that follows some specific tone patterns.