Jolene Mok : portraits of community networks

Jolene Mok. shop watching. 2015
Jolene Mok. shop watching. 2015.

Jolene Mok is an artist who in her residencies provides portraits of community networks. So her work is to move through a network of art spaces (museums, foundations, galleries, etc) providing a self-reflexive glimpse of what is where she is. She reveals networks as she traverses them.

Post-Internet & Curating

Robin Peckham lecture on post-internet ( is the source of longer description below. This video was originally published on Das Platforms)

In this video Peckham defines ‘post internet’ as distinct from technology. His curating practice refers to exploring a ‘thematic schema’ (around 45 min mark) which seems to be a synonym for a social network. And he also explicitly refers to the ‘strength of weak ties’, ‘network dynamics’ and ‘object oriented ontology’ (approx. 50 minute mark). “The joke in China is of course is that there is no internet there is only a Chinese intranet.” (60 minute mark).

Robin Peckham: Tracing the Post-Internet—A Case Study in Curatorial Process

Produced by 4A Centre for Contemporary Asian Art and Das Platforms

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