Ian Cheng

Autonomous art systems correspond to the medieval idea of perpetual motion machines, — once put in motion by their creators they continue infinitely. In this case, Ian Cheng’s artificially intelligent trio of chatbots enter into a deranged echoic conversation that reflects the habitual way organisms communicate. Like neurons speaking to each other, dissonance culture fractures arbitrary excess into meaningless meaning.

BABY feat. IKARIA (15fps screen recording) from ian cheng on Vimeo.

Ian Cheng. Live simulation, infinite duration, artificial intelligence services, 2013-2014

“Here together 3 online artificial intelligence bots, typically rented and modified to converse with humans about a commercial product, be a sexting partner, provide therapy. Here they converse with each other, generating a dynamic conversation that evolves indefinitely and without us.”

Victoria Vesna

Victoria Vesna (speaking at SCM on January 14th 2016) spoke about how researchers have found that bird-song network communication patterns are similar in rhythm to human communication networks (they talk and speed up and go silent at similar intervals).  She also emphasized the influence of complexity theory and artificial life on her art practice. From the use of Spectrograms (1950) to recent automated classification, she foresees the rise of autonomous art systems. She also mentions the idea of an autonomous artificial intelligence emerging on the Internet (also see, Out of Control [1995] by Kevin Kelly “a glorious network culture, a remarkable hivelike being.” ).

Vesna’s ambitious interdisciplinary project Bird Song Diamond involves networks dynamics at many levels from the biological, technological to the social.