Ian Cheng

Autonomous art systems correspond to the medieval idea of perpetual motion machines, — once put in motion by their creators they continue infinitely. In this case, Ian Cheng’s artificially intelligent trio of chatbots enter into a deranged echoic conversation that reflects the habitual way organisms┬ácommunicate. Like neurons speaking to each other,┬ádissonance culture fractures arbitrary excess into meaningless meaning.

BABY feat. IKARIA (15fps screen recording) from ian cheng on Vimeo.

Ian Cheng. Live simulation, infinite duration, artificial intelligence services, 2013-2014

“Here together 3 online artificial intelligence bots, typically rented and modified to converse with humans about a commercial product, be a sexting partner, provide therapy. Here they converse with each other, generating a dynamic conversation that evolves indefinitely and without us.”

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