“…think of architecture as complex systems of relationships”

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Ole Schreenen: “I think of our architecture as organizational structures. At their core is indeed structural thinking, like a system: How can we arrange things in both a functional and experiential way? How can we create structures that generate a series of relationships and narratives? And how can fictive stories of the inhabitants and users of our buildings script the architecture, while the architecture scripts those stories at the same time?

… So we could think of architecture as complex systems of relationships, both in a programmatic and functional way and in an experiential and emotive or social way …

Of course, the skyscraper is vertical — it’s a profoundly hierarchical structure, the top always the best, the bottom the worst, and the taller you are, the better, so it seems. And we wanted to ask ourselves, could a building be about a completely different quality? Could it undo this hierarchy, and could it be about a system that is more about collaboration, rather than isolation?

… And suddenly you think of architecture no longer as built substance, but as an organism, as a life form.


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