How to use technology properly? Make use of it to make the world better.

  1.  The author of the book —Secret Garden:An Inky Treasure Hunt and Coloring Book Johanna Basford  holds  the opinion that works made by computers are cold and have no soul. So she insists on completing her works by hand. From my perspective, this’s an interactive work and it’s the combination of traditional methods and modern technology. First, the author just finished one part of the coloring book and then readers did another part which refers to coloring pictures in the book. Second,although she finished the book without computers,it’s the technology that helps to print books and transfers them to the readers.
  2. When it comes to the soul of the works, I remember there’s a philosopher called Walter Benjamin who represents Frankfurt School. The most famous article of his is The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction. And he claimed that all art works had aura. Aura requires authenticity. However, the mechanism makes art works lose authenticity and their aura.
  3. The beginning part of Technology and the Lifeworld is From Garden to Earth. It compares life in a non-technological imagined “garden” with our experience in the technologically mediated world. “Garden” is used as a reference point for us humans to make sure of the extent how much technology should be used.

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1 thought on “How to use technology properly? Make use of it to make the world better.”

  1. Wanting to “make the world better” is a great goal.

    Question is: how?

    You’ve got a good start. You are looking at examples, reacting to them, placing them on an opinion spectrum: how do they perceive technology?

    Techne is an etymological root for technology that is sometime translated as ‘art’, ‘listening’, ‘making’.

    The central challenge of your research will be defining your terms. Perhaps choosing a small domain (the use of the hand in art through time is already vast) in which to play with such large terms like ‘better’ ‘world’ ‘technology’ ‘soul’.

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