The power of myths


After reading the book The Power of Myths, I have concluded the two basic idea of Joseph Campbell. Through his interview, Campbell want to answer two questions, one is why people need myths, the other is what myths can bring to people. In Campbell’s point of view, he thought myths can help people experience being live. What is being live? Nowadays, many resources and books are available to most of people, however, many younger are feeling that they are still empty after reading a lot of books. Why? People are following rules, students are following teachers, but do they really understand what they are learning? In the other world, do they really feel interested when there are learning? People know somethings are good, but not all the good things can make people happy. Campbell thinks, by reading myths, people can find out what they really interested in and whenever they find out the answer, they should follow their bliss and not be afraid. The reason that why myths can give people answer is that the stories told by myths include original feelings about nature and life. It gives people a better way to understand truth, to understand nature, and also themselves by using symbols of world such as animals. But it is still a question to me that how can myths influence people in a more objective way.

And what I interested in myths is that why the world myths have so many similarities. For example, the fox. In the ancient book in China Shanhai Jing, it recorded such kink of fox which has nine beautiful tails. And also in the myths in Europe, there are also a fox, when its tails light a fire, there is Aurora. It is also mentioned in the book The Power of Myths, although the myths come from different region, it seems that they aim to express similar theme.


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  1. Refine your research: what are the parallel cultural processes or products that you intend to consider? Will you follow the mythical representations of fox across the world (then use that singular example as a foundation on which to analyse and think)?

    Expand the question: “how can myths influence people in a more objective way”? What is it you mean by “objective way”?

    Interesting work.

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