[App Concept] — My idea of WSFHP

WSFHP: Welcome Safari for Homeless People


In HK, some people are suffering from the starving and homeless situation, but in lots occasions, we are still living the waste lifestyle, like missing changes, excess food, and old clothes… If we can make a more rational allocation of resources through Internet technology, then we would largely improve the efficiency in the use of materials and help needing people.


WSFHP (Welcome Safari for Homeless People) is an internet-based device chain system; it includes two parts of terminals:

One is for the chain store like 7-11 and some restaurants, its function includes holding a public account for collecting change donation (when the costumers donate their changes, the 7-11 or restaurant can add it to the public account, the amount of money will be automatically converted to inexpensive hot beverage or food); and registering “reversed coffee” and donated food (when the coffee shop/7-11 get reserved coffee, or the restaurant has extra food, they can also upload the figure to the server).

The other part is some touch-screens hanging in some homeless-gathering places like parks and underground tunnels, the function is displaying the available beverage and food amount on a map of the nearby area, and anyone can use the touch-screen to check if there are enough food and drinks around — this function is for both poor people in need and people who want to donate in need help area without waste.

P.S. I wanted to post all material together, but at last I fell to save my crushed painting project file, so I upload these first, still working on my photo, add it later…


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