Project topic: horrible films in Japan and Korea (NO HORRIBLE PICS DON’T WORRY)

I’m interested in horrible films for a long time, especially in Asian horrible films from Japan, Korea and Thailand, also HK. I like Japanese horrible films best, and then horrible films from Korea, America, Europe.

So my topic is about the nuanced difference in Japanese horrible films and Korean horrible films. And I’ll especially focus on woman and surveillance in these horrible film.

I planned three steps as follows:

Step 1

Engaging in the films as an participant observer because without watching ¬† ¬†certain numbers of these horrible films it’s not possible to raise the right question. However, it will be a lot of work for me if I choose too many film, I’ll obey what Jhave said to focus on two films, one from Japan and one from Korea. If I have plenty of time, I’ll explore more films.

Step 2

Collecting the necessary data for research. The problem is that I can’t category horrible films and I haven’t find specific typology of horrible films. How I category horrible film has much to do with the research such as category the horrible film by where the story take place or whether there is ghost in films. It is of no need to compare two films from different types.

The theme I chose is woman and surveillance in these horrible films, and I ‘ll choose among those most popular horrible film like JU ON and RING U, so it’s easy for me collect enough data from the film reviews and conduct interviews.


I’ll go deeper in this step, make the research related to society and culture.

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3 thoughts on “Project topic: horrible films in Japan and Korea (NO HORRIBLE PICS DON’T WORRY)”

  1. Hey Ren,

    Yidi rightly noted: in English, the term is “horror films” (scary) — if you say “horrible films” that means films that are bad quality.

    I’d say next step is to write just an open-format descriptive review of each of the 2 films. What are they about? Who made them? How does the content relate to woman and surveillance.

    Then compare and contrast the two films.

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