The First Chinese Fox Story

The fox mythology in China has a long history. Last week I spent lots of time on researching the origin of the fox mythology. The first fox story that recorded in the book is in the Xia (夏)Dynasty. This Dynasty existed from B.C.2029 to B.C. 1559, and the King of this Dynasty , Yu ( 禹), who built the Chinese imperial system. And the first fox story is also originated from here. The story is recorded in the Chinese first book which records ghosts and goddesses, Shanghai Jing. The story records, the king Yu was devoted himself into water conservancy project in order to bring benefit to his citizen and gain respect. And when he arrived at Tushan, he met a girl who is name is Jiao. And soon he fell in love with this girl and they married. However, once Jiao went to see Yu, she saw Yu became a black bear. In her memory, there was a black bear who killed her father. Her father is a fox and she is also a fox with nine tails. And she was desperate and she leave Yu alone. Although Yu kept chasing her, but in order to make Yu give her up, she became to a rock. Yu shouted to the rock, “give my son back.” And the rock was separated, then Yu brought his son back.
in fact, Jiao is the daughter of one of most powerful local tribes which respect fox as totem. And the mythology deify the King and the Queen to animal. But as we can see in this story, the image of fox is totally different from what people think of fox today. And how this image change and what the fox story become is what I am gonna to research in the following weeks. The picture is the image of Jiao.