Confusion of my topic

At first, I thought I was not that fascinated with high technology and I want people to be closer to the great nature. Then I read some chapters of the books which are relevant to technology, such as From Garden to Earth, The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction (or Reproducibility) and so on. The problem is that I chose a too general and huge topic and I know I can almost do nothing about it. Then I try to narrow it down. Since I care about culture and art and there are different types of art works and cultural works. I pay more attention to movies and I began to read book about movies, such as Cinema: East and West, 一个人的电影 and some Chinese film magazines. Then I want to find something which is about technology and movies at the same time. I am still on my way to find the specific research point otherwise the topic would be too huge for me.
Now, I am considering if I can conduct the following research project for this course. Ren Huan tries to compare horrible movies and her idea inspires me. I remind a documentary film called A Bite of China once to be a really popular one. It is about Chinese traditional food. A Bite of China affected our life a lot, such as the food industry, the tourism and the spread of Chinese culture. BBC made a similar one called Exploring China: A Culinary Adventure. Both of them were broadcast in 2012. I think there are two options for me. The first one is to compare these two documentary films and find some interesting things. The second one is to focus on the Chinese one and study its effect.
I would love to get all of your opinions and suggestions. Thanks a lot!

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  1. Nice post. An honest appeal to the network for assistance!

    The difficult part of your new proposed subject is again the scale. Both those series are huge multi-episodic processes. The conclusion is almost known in advance in a way: yes there are many cross-cultural similarities. And often TV networks adopt material for local audiences. So I wonder if the size of the material justifies the insights.

    But perhaps it’s possible.

    Let’s go back to your core questions: what is nature? what is technology? Redefine them in terms of cooking: how do Chinese and Western conceptions of technology influence their presentations of technology (cooking) versus nature (food)?

    Again the problem is that as the world is increasingly networked, the influence of cultures on each other is so quick and invisible that often identifying the source is like looking for the source of a wave in an ocean.

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