Two topics related to HCI

I read books which are related to human-computer interaction. There are two topics that I hope to study further with your help, if possible. First is about information visualization, transforming raw data into visual structures to amplify cognition. I went through most visual structures like bars, lines and charts, etc, even some 3D models. It is too serious for me. So I was wondering is there other forms which can provide user with information and beauty. The second is about three levels of users’ goal, which are experience goals, end goals and life goals. Experience goals are more about how users feel when they use the products (like: is it easy to use), end goals are whether the products can help users to accomplish their target (like: can the App help users to find an ideal restaurant), life goals are more about if the products can help users to get close to their dreams. Norman said if a product can help users reach to their life goals, users will become fans of the products. But how to help users to reach to their life goals? That is my question that I hope to work on it deeper.


Logo design


1.Color is important828872622
2.Things can be combined creatively888272033
3.Three kinds of sign264731631
4. Visual diary: build a library of ideas175803332
5.Use brand language1262161635
Design a logo for SM5323,used two tips out of five:

Semiotic: Icon(CMC)    Index( coffee cup for leisure talk+sailing in the ocean of interest)

Visual diary: come up with one idea for design the logo every day, ideas like: CMC+Tree, red scarf+western style,etc. I like the cup and sailing ship the most.