Architecture and literature 01




I.M. Pei
Miho Museum, Kyoto, Japan
The path leading up to the MIHO MUSEUM is based on a Chinese poem called “Peach Blossom Valley”, about a fisherman who finds a mysterious cave that leads to paradise.
He enters the cave… (note that the tunnel is curved so you cannot see the way out, and the walls absorb sound, so there are no echoes)
…finally, he sees a light…
In “Peach Blossom Valley”, the fisherman spends a few days in the village, feasting and enjoying paradise before returning home through the cave. However, when he attempts to return another day, he cannot. The path has disappeared. At the MIHO MUSEUM, we saw ancient treasures from around the world, ate delicious food, and experienced “another world”, away from civilization. Lucky for us, the cave never closes, and we can go back anytime.

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