Your Body, My Novel and Our Name: three artistic ways to build networks


Chapter I:  A Line

Santiago Sierra has always shown his artworks as archive both in video or photography in black and white. By doing so, no matter how recently his work made, it looks like some images from long gone past. See below links of these three works, “Line of 30 cm Tattooed on a Remunerated Person” (1998),“250 cm Line Tattooed on Six Remunerated People” (1999) and“160 cm Line Tattooed on 4 People” (2000).

“Having a tattoo is normally a personal choice. But when you do it under ’remunerated’ conditions, this gesture becomes something that seems awful, degrading—it perfectly illustrates the tragedy of our social hierarchies. The tattoo is not the problem. The problem is the existence of social conditions that allow me to make this work. You could make this tattooed line a kilometer long, using thousands and thousands of willing people.”  (artist quote in “When Human Beings Are the Canvas” by MARC SPIEGLER,2003, see the full-text here:

Also there are some other references:

Santiago Sierra: Radical Cruelty and Second Reflection

Santiago Sierra’s harshest device (review)
by D Rosier on

Chapter II: My Novel

Shelley Jackson: Skin(2003)

Refer to Jhave’s post:

Chapter III: Our Name

Jun Yang’s “JUN YANG LOOKING FOR JUN YANG”. or “Jun yang meets Jun Yang “

According to a semi-official website based on government’s I.D. system 232,060 people shared or joint possed the name 张静 with me, also, there are 11,688 Chinese citizens named 郑波, exactly same characters with my supervisor Dr. Zheng Bo’s name. As when different Chinese characters go to romanized to pinyin, they become the same word, so similarity increased and it becomes harder to googling a Chinese artist,scholar only via her or his name.  


Artist Jun Yang seeing this similarity as a way to make friends or to choose friends, to build up connections and get a group photo for a assembly of people with the same name.




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