Hi folks, hope you had a good time during CNY holiday! I caught a cold last weekend right after I had dinner with another friend who had a cold so I didn’t go to class yesterday as I don’t want to spread it to you..

This poor body, because of the illness, now becomes a restriction of my mind, no matter how much I wanted to go somewhere else.

For the past week I’ve scattered my time on chapters from the following books: <How We Became Posthuman> by N. Katherine Hayles and <A Singularity is Near> by Ray Kurzweil, together with <The Phenomenological Mind> by Shaun Gallagher and <How to Build a Time Machine> by Paul Davies, etc. They are all very inspiring. I haven’t finished them all but they open up a new window in my understanding towards the human mind and our relationship with computers and it’s a fascinating field.

Apart from the books listed above, I’d also like to share some interesting articles that I encountered recently, related to neurology, BCI(Brain-Computer Interface), singularity, etc:

  • The Neurologist Who Hacked His Brain—And Almost Lost His Mind


Same event covered by MIT Technology Review.



  • 2045: The Year Man Becomes Immortal




  • Hugo de Garis: It’s only a wikipedia page here, but his belief in The Artilect War is worth digging deeper into.