Hi folks, hope you had a good time during CNY holiday! I caught a cold last weekend right after I had dinner with another friend who had a cold so I didn’t go to class yesterday as I don’t want to spread it to you..

This poor body, because of the illness, now becomes a restriction of my mind, no matter how much I wanted to go somewhere else.

For the past week I’ve scattered my time on chapters from the following books: <How We Became Posthuman> by N. Katherine Hayles and <A Singularity is Near> by Ray Kurzweil, together with <The Phenomenological Mind> by Shaun Gallagher and <How to Build a Time Machine> by Paul Davies, etc. They are all very inspiring. I haven’t finished them all but they open up a new window in my understanding towards the human mind and our relationship with computers and it’s a fascinating field.

Apart from the books listed above, I’d also like to share some interesting articles that I encountered recently, related to neurology, BCI(Brain-Computer Interface), singularity, etc:

  • The Neurologist Who Hacked His Brain—And Almost Lost His Mind


Same event covered by MIT Technology Review.



  • 2045: The Year Man Becomes Immortal




  • Hugo de Garis: It’s only a wikipedia page here, but his belief in The Artilect War is worth digging deeper into.



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1 thought on “Singularity”

  1. Certainly this is developing into a fascinating set of research resources. I read the wired article (I knew of Kennedy and his utopian experiment). His quest has parallels to Ponce de Leon who searched for the Fountain of Youth in Mexico and ended up dying there . In essence immortality is at the root of religous mythology.

    Hugo de Garis Artilects gigawar is fascinating. Unfortunately, plausible.

    And the trans/posthumanist community spokesperson for Methulusah ideas is Aubrey de Grey

    News resources: and

    Interesting questions arise: at the deep physiological level programmed to evade death, survival now contemplates a merger between its body and machines.

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