A Draft of My Research Proposal

Instead of showing a completed research proposal, I post a draft one. Because at first I would like to make sure that my idea makes some sense and then details can be added. There may be some mistakes and I did it in a casual way just to show all of you my general idea.

Research Topic: Exploring how a specific technology—cooking, connect us (how cooking involve us in a web of relationships)

Data Set: Statistics which can reflect how cooking develops, how humans’ eating habits changed, how food-related industries affect our life and so on will be gathered.

Research Questions: The core question is how cooking involve us in a web of relationships and several small questions will be considered, such as how cooking as a type of technology contributes to humans evolution, if cooking machines can still keep the nutrients while they make fast food, if it is really that complicated to choose eating because we live in the more advanced world which has more types of diseases, and so on.

Methodology and Theory Framework: through reading books, watching videos and searching the Internet, data can be gathered. Then a network will be built to connect different contents together and analysis will be conducted as well. The theory framework will mainly be got from books written by Michael Pollan.

References: Books like Cooked, Food Rules, In Defense of Food. Videos like A Bite of China, Exploring China: A Culinary Adventure.

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3 thoughts on “A Draft of My Research Proposal”

  1. Good start.

    Suggestions: start broad, but as you research watch for a food item (that you like to eat or are fascinated by) — example: shitake mushrooms — and then narrow your research onto that one item. Consider how that one particular item reveals changing cultural networks of taste.

  2. Added thought: another potential way to enter into research is to establish motivation and questions.

    Your motivation might be to establish the truth value of the following hypothesis: the primary boundary between cooking and factory processing represents a shift from tribal to urban distributed networks.

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