Research about artist residency

Research about artist residency

Title: Roles of artist residency program in HK based art space – Videotage as an example

Aim idea: Figure out what’s the situation of artist residency in HK; How residency program influence HK art space; What’s the benefit and also dificulty

Resource: Videotage, Residency artist

Method: Research and interview


Interview questions For artist

 [About Videotage residency]

  1. [characteristics of residency] Is it your first time to resident in Hong Kong (if visit as a tourist before, what’s the different?)
  2. [specific experience] How do you feel about Videotage residency?
  3. [characteristics of residency] Why did you choose Hong Kong as residence?
  4. [expectation] What’s your expectation when you make your decision?
  5. [characteristics of residency] What’s the special characteristic of Videotage/ Hong Kong, compared with other residency program?

[About the network between artist and residence]

  1. [ways to get information]  Where did you find out the information about artist residency? (Websites? Talk? Friends?)
  2. [relationship- get ]  What did the residency host provide?
  3. [relationship – provide]  What did you share with the host?
  4. [relationship]  What’s the relationship between you and the host?

[Artist ideas about residency]

  1. [common ] Is it common for artist going for residency program in your own country?
  2. [amount ]  How many residency programs have you joined before?
  3. [specific experience]  Could you share one interesting experience, during your different kinds of residency?
  4. [meaning]  What’s artist residency mean to you?
  5. [benefit]  What’s the benefit for you?
  6. [difficulty]  What’s the disadvantage or difficulty to overcome?

[Residency impact on artworks]

  1. [influence] Have residency program influence your art work? What kind of influence?
  2. [specific experience]  Could you share some example, how residency influence your artworks?


For Videotage:

 [About residency]

  1. [history]  When did you organize artist residency?
  2. [residency frequency and duration]  What is the frequency? How long does one residency last for?
  3. [reason] What’ the reason for you to organize?
  4. [common]  Is it common for Hong Kong organization to organize artist residency?
  5. [K11 Art Foundation x FUSE ISEA]  Could you tell more about K11 Art Foundation x FUSE ISEA HK Residency Program?
  6. [co-operation]  Will you co-operate with any other organization?
  7. [funding]  Where did you get funding for residency?

[About artist application]

  1. [requirement ]  How do you choose artist for the residency program?
  2. [requirement -application] What’s the requirement for artists during application?
  3. [process] How’s the application process?
  4. [amount of artists] How many artists will be approved to come in one time?

[About the network between artist and residence]

  1. [relationship] What kind of relationship between you and artists?
  2. [relationship-provide]  What will you provide for artists during their resident?
  3. [relationship- get]  What kind of requirement of artists during residency?
  4. [meaning] What’s the meaning for you to organize the residency?
  5. [specific example] Could you share some experience of artist that created artwork during residency? (Soyung Lee, UK artist Chris Shen etc)
  6. [Influence] What kind of influence of artist residency for Videotage?
  7. [benefit]  What’s the benefit for you?
  8. [difficulty]  What’s the disadvantage or difficulty to overcome?


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