Poem library this week progress

1. I’ve collected the poems with English translations which I posted in another post

2. I’ve bought several reference books, still on there way to HK now.


Basically, here are the books:

1. 《古文字学导论》
作者:唐兰著 页数:449 出版日期:1981.01  (A book about history of Chinese characters, which is hard to find since it is out of production. The book is originally handwritten by Tang Lan, who is quite famous in studying Chinese characters.

Here are some scans of the book to give you an idea about what it is like. (Actually quite beautiful, written from right to left and from top to bottom.)

image image image

2.  汉字王国(讲述中国人和他们的汉字的故事) (瑞典)林西莉 社科文学 语言文字学 (A book written by a foreigner about Chinese oracles)


3. 中国文字学概要 文字形义学 (Similar to the second one written by a Chinese specialist)


4.  中国文字学/世纪文库 唐兰 上海古籍出版社 (Another book written by the author of the first book, talking about Chinese character history)


5. 甲骨文字释林(繁体竖排版)/于省吾 (Chinese oracles)


6.  诗经译注 程俊英 (About the book I’ve chosen)


7.  诗经译注 周振甫注 中华书局 (Another book about the poems written by a different specialist)



The interesting thing is that we can see that many different specialist from both China and other countries write books about the same object.  By reading these books, it already become a network about the object.  And since there are too many choices to read, I’ve to contact my Chinese teacher who is now doing a serials of Internet video teaching to give me some advice, this kind of connection is also related to the object as a part of the network system.

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