Feedback to others’ project after the group discussion

To be honest, when I know that we were going to have a discussion, I was not sure what I could talk about since I though my idea was raw and with problems. The truth is that I do enjoy the group talking. We presented our idea to the others and got their advice. After the others’ presentation, we could give suggestions as well. I was impressed by their ideas which were very interesting and I did not have much knowledge at that topic. And getting their feedback on my topic was helpful and valuable.

Here I would love to summarize the general content of my suggestions to the other girls.

To Y, she wants to do some researches about artist residency. She has already interviewed one or two artists. The findings are largely depends on the artists’ responses so that she needs to find the one who is willing to share his or her idea about the situation of artist residency in HK and how residency program influence HK art space. For me, I think this is the biggest challenge because you do not know if the artist wants to corporate or not. Before the interview, an outline should be done and she needs to prepare for some unexpected answers and situations.

L is the one who is fascinated by fairy tales especially those about foxes. Maybe what she needs to do is mainly about finding out resources on this topic and making them into a system. Since there is not much English resources, she needs to do some translations. Although I am not that familiar with this topic, I guessed that there might be some very good studies done by other researchers. She can find a new viewpoint or conduct a tiny topic with more details.

As X, sorry for forgetting her name, she is going to find something through a popular media which is broadcasting ourselves on some Internet platforms. She began to record some of her life and observe the audience’s reflections. Since all the actions are done in a virtual environment, it is difficult to learn about why the users choose to do something. Maybe some clicks are only mistakes then they cannot be regarded as real statistics. But this project combines practice and analysis together. It is a good way to do researches.

I got valuable suggestions from the others and I tried to rewrite my proposal with them.

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