Fox image related to historical reasons

Look over the whole history about the fox, it can be also concluded some other reasons except literary reasons. Firstly, there is an old saying in China, that destruction pursues the great. It means if a person stand in a higher place would be easily to be attacked because of others’ jealousy. Foxes always have beautiful performance, and it can be easily speculated in a feudal society, the conservative would defame the fox image in order to constraint people from thinking. In the past, people always used fox to describe beautiful women. Therefore, the transformation of fox image also reflect the decline of women’s social status in the other way. Another reason is that compare with other mythical creatures such as dragon, phoenix, fox is a more common animal. Things are valued in proportion to its rarity. The image of fox have experienced defamation through the history and finally because a word of curse.

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  1. You can find the full version film of the Japanese fox wedding showed in the video of your presentation, it’s Akira’s , including 7 different dreams, some of them are about Japanese legend, if you are interesting~

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