Proposal : Relationship of artist residency program in HK based art space – Videotage as an example


relation q

Research idea

What’s the relationship between artists and host

What the host and the artist provide and gain

How residency program influence both the artist and the organize organization

What’s the situation of artist residency in Hong Kong


Videotage, Residency artist, Res Artis


Paper research and interview

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Research about artist residency

Research about artist residency

Title: Roles of artist residency program in HK based art space – Videotage as an example

Aim idea: Figure out what’s the situation of artist residency in HK; How residency program influence HK art space; What’s the benefit and also dificulty

Resource: Videotage, Residency artist

Method: Research and interview

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ResArtis – Worldwide Network of Artist Residencies


What is Res Artis?

It is a worldwide net work of artist resident which found on 1993. With the growing number of members , it has over 500 centers, organizations, and individuals in over 70 countries. It organizes the chance for individual arties as well as organizations to communicate altogether as a global community via face-to face meetings and online chatting.

Now, it covers lots of residencies all over the world. They showed as the map below.

resartis map

How does the net work operate?

The relationship base is resident and the host.

The hosts provide register residency centers in the net work for inviting artists, academicians, curators, and all manner of creative people, to provide them a time and space away from their usual environment. Also they provide a time of reflection, research, presentation and/or production. They also allow individuals to explore his/her practice within another community; meeting new people, using new materials, experiencing life in a new location.

For residencies, they can take part in museums, universities, galleries, studio spaces, theaters, artist-run spaces, municipalities, governmental offices, and even festivals.


How to join the net work?

The way for joining the net work is becoming their member. There are three types of members, including Residency MembersAssociate Members and Individual Members.

About Residency Members, it is the largest group of Res Artis members. The member of residency can participate in organizations, artists groups that organizing artist residency program that provided on the website. They can also get regional support and information, reduction in meeting registration fees and also receiving public & member’s only newsletters.

The Associate Membership is different from residency member, it opens to programs, foundations, or other networks that assist or support international exchange programs or the artists themselves. They can be governmental, non-governmental or privately run. As associate member, they can join the Meetings held by Res Artis, posting upcoming activities   and also accessing the member’s section of the webpage for more information.

Also there is Individual Membership which is open to artists, curators, or any other individual who wishes to support and join the activities of Res Artis. They can also apply for the programs and receive e-newsletter. They can join Meetings and access the member’s section of the webpage.

The fee for each kinds of the members are different. Yearly, the fee for Residency Members is €30-450 , Associate Membership is €375, Individual Membership is € 75.


What help with the net work?

There are four kinds of organizations that within and help with the Res Artis in different ways.

1.Free Dimensional is responsible for organizing community arts space and local resources for the support and protection of individuals who create dialogue on global issues and inequalities through their art and media. It acts as a parallel network to Res Artis, helping with members who interested in activities.

2.Asia Australia Europe Creative Residency Network. It is a sub-network of Res Artis with the mission to specifically promote more cultural exchange between Asia, Australia and Europe. It helps with developing several activities and exchanges to facilitate the sharing of knowledge, resources and experiences regarding the artist residencies in Asia, Australia and Europe.

3. The ‘PAiR’ Initiative – Performing Arts in Residence. It works to strengthen existing and support the development of new residencies for performing artists, helping with organizing members who especially interested in performing art.

4. Microresidence Network. The Microresidence Network is an independent initiative from Res Artis and residencies who are not members of Res Artis are of course able to join. It helps with recognizing the significant proportion of Res Artis members.