Zero Whack
New Books
from Glia (2010)

A google whack is a search result that returns only one result on google.
A zero whack is when it returns zero.
All titles and plots of above books were zero whacks on 12/15/10.

Each book is custom crafted from phrases that return no results in search engines.
* Clik on a book to generate another. Then use your arrow keys.

Every Zero Whack book is keyboard-crafted from randomly-generated lists and custom-manufactured sets of writing or photos.

The plots are ideas for books I will never write but wish I would.
The authors names come from people's surname and forename lists on Wikipedia (and I added a few friends).
All the publishing houses are named with words found in spam, then assigned a location in a real Quebec town.
The barcodes are dynamically generated from a font and would fool no self-respecting machine.

The bookcovers photos were shot in and in-between Montreal and Berlin. 2010

The blurbs are inspired by excess catharsis everywhere.

There are

139 titles (set with a random font from your computer),
253 photos, 53 blurbs, 44 plots,
285 prenames, 1061 surnames, 1293 towns and 9954 (spam-words) publishers.

The French translation is from Google's automated browser-based service.
It needs a lot of improvement so i built an online way for users to submit suggestions for improvements (or even suggest new titles)... THEN I DISABLED IT DUE TO SPAM BOTS WHO DISCOVERED IT A YEAR AFTER ITS BIRTH

For an alternative, robust and ultimately more complex use of search engines as programmatic accomplices in poetic work,
see John Cayley's zero-count perigram process.

Creative Commons License
Zero Whack by Jhave (Dec. 15/2010) is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.5 Canada License.