AngryBirds FPS (beta)

is a lazy cheap hack of Unity3D's basic demo AngryBot:
i simply swapped the textures.

Forgive (parasitically and pacifistically)
this overlong existential promo-test-segment.

Eventually AngryBirds FPS (beta) will become AngryBirds FPS (alpha)
a chandler-esque 3rd-first person machinima-noir
futile primal violence with a brooding branding VO.

Then you will miss this repetitive emptiness.

I awoke in a world of words, scarred overflowing, ragefull redundant.
Walls dripped with slogans. Floor littered with dogma.
Red word blood.


Big thanks to two of my heroes:
David Clark and Erik Loyer;

I use Unity because they told me they use it.
I have now (as of July 13 2012)
used it for 3 weeks part-time.


Creative Commons License

AngryBirds FPS
by Jhave
is licensed under a
Creative Commons
3.0 Unported License