Reading the Wind is a video about the future of electronic literature

developed for the ELO 2012 conference panel
"Future of ELO" (June, Morgantown, WV)

using 123D (inkjet print on bedsheets)
and Maya physical dynamics.


Big thanks to Ian Hatcher and Samantha Gorman
for the invite to sit on the ELO panel.



I have no idea
What the future
Will really bring

I have no idea
What time sings

People and cats
Laptops and tools
Writhe as they evolve

But temporarily
I know how I am
Saying my non-saying

The future is not,
Cannot, and will not
ever be

Or forgotten

To themselves
Make more sense

Telling the future
is like
Reading wind

Plush rushed delirious
Matter muttering to itself

Obsolete before it
Even begins
Wrinkled at birth

Intuition turbulence
temporary trajectories
perpetual calculus culture

All results
Are input

Climate change is accompanied by ...
Device change
Infrastructure instability
Paradigm extinction

gliding down into the silence
of absolute information

Historians walk upwind
against time
Seeking patterns

In the smog of gestures
The tailing ponds of words

(gleaning from the air
scents of resonance
organism motion)

(is the machine an animal yet?
Is the animal, a machine?)

Float with the wind:
lighter than air
cling to nothing

No more mastery
No more apprentices
A universe of babies

As hayles of cyborgs
Form committees
To discuss literature

In feathered networks
Of fragile labyrinths
Agile labile rage fragrant rags of flesh

Fading specks
Packet signs
Sporadic horizons

Crucial tangents sprout
Deft hydroponic
Drone ready
Augment implacable

A white beach ball
Crushed under technology's truck

Bodies forming wet works
Porous spaces sharing

Tilting moist
warped words
Enter taste

Crones bend time
Praise density

And it is enough
To be moles
Roiling thru the wet

While at the limits
Of legibility
Something tht is almost us
Is beckoning

The world is not flat
It is folded
Undulant reckonings

And as the shroud of nano-lit
Falls off the coffin of authorial intent
Invisible emptiness welcomes investments

Takes the shroud off of
The infinitely small muses

Collapse all certainty
About origins
Collapse into

meta-stable instability
Cruising raw devotion
Toward the utter annihilation
Of doubt

Shy slugs
Caressing their
Dreams as

Entropy entails
A taxonomy of (ir)reverent

The goal being
To give up wht is
Already for given

The sea changes
The light changes
Love changes
Life changes

Me changes
Sight changes
Cove changes
Ripe changes

Death does not change
Techno ephemera

The book was
Lazarus, computers
Are quarks

& I am always signing in or out
Down or up loading
Waiting or sitting

progress bars
Process products

A deflated beach
Struggles inside

The only organization
Worth living for is love

The curved feature detecting
Rupture of ratpture

Folding Vulvic & lucid
Slowly around

Opal foog confuters

Syllables crumple under
Leashed loax lozenge rack
Flax server dos assacks

A bound
Breeding round


Creative Commons License

by Jhave
is licensed under a
Creative Commons
3.0 Unported License