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Angry Words & Root Camp

These games are unfinished.

These games are not games.

These games are word-games.

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Angry Words:


Root Camp:


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AngryWords WINDOWS / AngryWords MAC
Rootcamp WINDOWS / Rootcamp MAC



Unity of the gang or team or squad: a unity delimited by loyalty toward clusters, clusters devoted to killing other clusters.

A synonym for partial unity, a mode of being that has nothing to do with esoteric unity, total epiphanies, absolute inclusion. Unity as love.

A deformation of poetic language, enabling violence, unity shrinks so that it is cellular, episodic, purposeful and ultimately exclusive.


To critique gaming involves unsavory companions: luddites, reactionaries, paranoid conspiratorialists, alarmists, censors, retro-politicians and pious priests.

It provokes incoherent emotional diatribes, focusing on how gaming provokes violence.

The inverse is true. Violence is endemic to organisms; FPS gaming is only a symptom.


If violence is endemic to organisms, innate to existence, extinction is inevitable.

Annihilation emerges from our bodies, an angular organic outgrowth, a tumor, inherent malignancy.

FPS gaming is a kitten playing with a rabid rat.


Gaming sublimates.

But it also simultaneously recursively reinforces metabolic imperatives.

Muscle memory & dorsal brain long-term potentiation of hunting trigger reflex actions.


Objection: games are not all violent.

However, the default games that ship with the default gaming software are all shooters.

Weapons are ubiquitous. The characters are soldiers. Shoot or be shot.


My intervention has been to convert the default games that shipped with Unity3D (versions 3 and 4) into 2 art-poem-game spaces.

In one game, the player is always alone, weaponless. The next level is reached by leaping off, going down.

In the other game, the player is a gun. Flowers are everywhere. Words are woven into barbed wire and walls.

AngryBots became AngryWords

BootCamp became RootCamp


Big thanks to two of my heroes:
David Clark and Erik Loyer;

I use Unity because they inspired me in June 2012.


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