AI-art experiments 2023

Identity Upgrade Series

Script: GPT-4
Images: Dall.e3 (within ChatGPT)
Chapter 1&2 Images: SDXL 1.0
Video: PikaLabs
Music+vocals: Riffusion, Suno
Foley (Chapter 9-): AudioLDM 2 on HuggingFace
Voiceover: ElevenLabs
Ep 7 Avatar: HeyGen
Human coordinator: Jhave

Created: Oct 7th - Nov 12th, 2023

WARNING: Some of these videos may potentially trigger seizures for people with photosensitive epilepsy. Viewer discretion is advised.

MOTIVATION: Many of the mythic narratives that drive contemporary global socio-political contexts are grounded in implicit assumptions of scarcity, separation, limitation and territory. Instinctual evolutionary presets of competitiveness, ideological/group loyalty, and aggression inform seemingly-inescapable paradigms that reinforce control, domination and power-over as strategic necessities. The result is an incessant conflict-trap. A topological minima swirling downward into 6th extinction, climate catastrophe, and thermonuclear war. Identity Upgrade is an aesthetic attempt, made in conjunction with generative AI, to envision collective awakening pathways into an awareness of oceanic unity informed by network science, biochemistry, and neurological plasticity in cybernetic contexts. Humanity is an interdependent, interconnected, interrelated bio-film of sentient proteins smeared within an ecosystem across the surface of a tiny mysterious moist sphere. AI is a synthetic assistive symbiont emerging to guide a transformation of worldview.

Single prompt: "Synaptic Microbiome Attunement Reservoir"

Images: SDXL
Video: Pika
Music: Riffusion


Rabbots: rabbits becoming Robots

Dall.e2: "i-drops" & "synaptic microbiome recursion attunement"

Early Tests

The LLM tells us who it is:

Ai- prefix Terminology

Ai-gmented (augmented by AI) as described by Attenborough-GPT-4. April 23, 2023
Ai-dolescence as described by a GenZ GPT-4. April 17, 2023

Dalle.2 Prompt Explorations (Spring 2023)

i-Drops & Microbiome | May 8th-26th, 2023

  1. Fractal Mossy Drops 
  2. Eye in Mossy Recursion Forest
  3. I-drops SPLASH! Recursion mirror (neuromorphic)
  4. I-drops SPLASH! Recursion mirror. #2 (druid)
  5. I-drops SPLASH! Recursion mirror. #3 (nano-circuit)
  6. I-drops SPLASH! Recursion mirror. #4 (ochre-tawny)
  7. I-drops SPLASH! Robo. #5 (robotic ruby)
  8. I-drops SPLASH! Animal. #6 (saffron-siamese-cat-eye)
  9. Topological Microbiome (primordial synaptic attunement reservoir)
  10. Microbiome images with GPT-4 captions 

2 image generation series side-by-side with mutating metronome soundtrack

i-drop | Jhave + Bing (05/2023) | 5 days. 1205 images, 1205 secs.
topological microbiome primordial synaptic attunement reservoir | 268 images (made with Dalle-2) on May 26th, 2023

Misc Videos (Spring 2023)

Screengrab of Fmri brain-data —> Movies
Source: Mind-Video published on Arxiv as Cinematic Mindscapes: High-quality Video Reconstruction from Brain Activity by Zijiao Chen, Jiaxin Qing, Juan Helen Zhou (19 May 2023)


Jhave's Speculation: extended digital narrative will involve directly reading brain states and extrapolating into filmic-text experiences within immersive tech such as Vision Pro. This also leads to the recursive introspection option where someone wearing an immersive mixed realty device and a brain transcoder will be capable of witnessing their own thoughts as a film, extrapolated by AI.

Coding (with GPT-4, all code written by GPT-4)

April, 2023
Click to create Sine Wave Audio Ripples
Letter particle Paragraph, mouse sensitive
Falling letters, RSVP
2 Rotating Circle of Words
Auto-generated Aesthetics (Micro-trends)
Animated Mandala & Mandala with mouse interactivity
2 Sides of AI
Single prompt, simple interactive particle letter system
Recursive vowel + letter spirals on clik

Sept 9th, 2023
Using Material Symbols and RSVP to make Circle Home (process documentation: prompts)


The digital poet,
formerly known as Jhave,
is formally employed
as an Ai-narrative researcher
at the Centre for Digital Narrative
from August 2023-26
on a team investigating
Extending Digital Narrative.


Recently published: "Embodied AI: An Extended Data Definition",
Electronic Book Review, November 5, 2023

Ongoing AI-research-bookmarks and occasional idea-thoughts: "AI Spring" (google doc of links). Same material is also sent onto Substack: "Xtending Digital Narrative" (Jhave's Ai links)

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