TAVIT: Text Audio-Visual Interactivity

Digital poetry is a multimedia hybrid-art-form, a subset of visual language fusing with digital technology, increasingly mediated by networks. Contemporary poems are animated interfaces; and they often utilize dynamic interactive typography superimposed over video, generative or 3D environments. A brief list of the disciplines involved: visual art, sound composition, literature, media studies, computer programming.

Multimedia-hybrid digital poetry means that the term ‘text’ is insufficient.
Future theorists will require terminology specific to the domain, I suggest:

  • TAV (text-audio-visual)
  • TAVT (a tav in a 3D territory)
  • TAVIT (an interactive tavt)

I have no illusions or expectations that these terms will achieve widespread adoption, but am certain that some terms like these will of necessity emerge to concisely and accurately convey the difference between text, tav, tavt and tavit.

Suggested use: “That was an amazing tavit!”, “The intertavituality of these works is self-evident”

This post is the first in a series that explore ideas contained in my thesis drafts.
I recently returned from presenting this material at E-Poetry 2011. (Download presentation: pdf / ppt ).
Subsequent posts will unravel more details.

Feedback is welcomed.

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