Poetry books.
One a month.

Generated by a computer.
Edited by a human.

05.2017 - 05.2018
Neural networks trained on a contemporary poetry corpus generate a source text. That source is then human-edited. Each month a book is published of the poems made that month.

Book Format

Computer-generated poems edited each month became a book. In 12 months, 12 books were written.

The boxset of 12 poetry books will be accompanied by a book of essays written about the ReRites project. Essay authors include: Allison Parrish, Johanna Drucker, Kyle Booten, Stephanie Strickland, John Cayley, Lai-Tze Fan, Nick Montfort, Mairéad Byrne, and Chris Funkhouser.

UPCOMING : Spring 2019 Publication
A twelve-volume, custom-bound, hard-cover, limited-edition RERITES art-book box-set published by the wonderful folks at Anteism.

Please Note: The books in the image are test-copies from Blurb.


Human-A.I. Participatory Poetry Readings

Poets & audience members read poetry written by artificial intelligence.



March :
           Machine Learning Summit
           - Google Arts and Culture,
           Guggenheim, NY.
           ReRites exhibited by Anteism Books.


Feb 8-9th 2019 :
           Interrupt Festival
           Brown University
March 30th 2019 : noon-2pm.
           Leonard & Bina Ellen Gallery, Montreal

           invited by Alexandre St-Onge as part of his exhibit:
           Jet du bas dit AA l’eau guet avec l’invisible
April 1st 2019 : 2-5pm Espace4
           Concordia University
           single afternoon poet & A.I. residency
April 12th-14th 2019:
           Printed Matters’ LA Artbook Fair
           Geffen Contemporary at MOCA
           Invitation to exhibit within Anteism Books’
           Special Project Exhibition Space - Artists + Machine Intelligence.
May 22nd, 2019. 19h30 :
           as part of Life Rewired
           Hub Space Performance
           ReadingRites @ Barbican, London
June 1st-Oct 31st 2019 :
           Anteism Books Exhibition
           Machine Learning and the Visual Arts:
           Cross-Disciplinary Exploration

           exhibition, performance and publication. Milex, Montreal.
July 15-17th 2019 :
           Cork, Ireland (July)
           [Panel exclusively about ReRites + Artist Talk]
September - December 2019 [Exhibit] + October 3rd [Performance] :
           Beyond Words,
           Beinecke Library, Yale University
Sept. 27th-Oct. 1st 2019 :
           Printed Matter’s New York Artbook Fair
           MOMA PS1
Oct. 18-20th 2019 : Volume 2- Montreal Artbook Fair


April 18th, 2018 :
            In Fiction Now : Brown University :
April 18-19th, 2018
            Digital Poetics
            Rhode Island School of Design (RISD)
            Guest Lecture, Reading, Workshop (Writing with Rerites)
May 4-6th, 2018
           Kanada Koncrete (The Canadian Literature Symposium)
            University of Ottawa
August 14-17th, 2018
           Mind the Gap (Electronic Literature Organization Conference)
           UQAM, Montreal

ReadingRites [SILENT] (Source for Interrupt5)

29-04-2018 RERITES (writing process 4xspeed)

ReadingRites (reading on Feb 21 2019, 84 poems written in February 2018)

More info.
Writing process videos.
Poem generation videos.

Code: Github
Process: Big Data Poetry
Created by: Jhave

RERITES acknowledges the generous support of an NVIDIA TitanX GPU donated through the NVIDIA Academic Grant Program.

Contact jhave/at/glia/dot/ca